Legal Follow-up

The police are often the ones to refer clients to AWSAD; hence many of the survivors that come to AWSAD have new legal cases against their perpetrators. Legal follow-up officers provide extensive support to survivors’ successful access to justice services. They aid survivors by encouraging and supporting them to testify in their cases, rehearse their testimony, following up on their court appointments and explaining to them the legal process. They accompany survivors at court hearings, appearances at the police station and the health center for evidence collection. 

This legal service is linked with the capacity building training given to police and prosecutors. These trainings cover topics such as gender, gender-based violence survivor handling, counselling, case handling and stress and burnout management. This has resulted in ensuring higher rates of prosecution and adjudication of cases of violence against women and girls. This can also be linked with the case management training AWSAD give to the police and other sectors which has contributed to ensuring higher rates of prosecution and adjudication of cases of VAWG.