Medical Service

AWSAD safe houses have well-equipped, licensed clinics with certified nurses and midwives working 24 hours a day. When residents have to seek external medical services, the health officer is able to issue referrals and nurses accompany the patients to hospital and follow-up on their treatment.

Many survivors arrive at AWSAD pregnant and the clinic mostly provides prenatal, antenatal, delivery and post-natal care, as well as other primary preventive and curative services.

The midwives support residents through pregnancy and labor and in the time immediately after birth. Nurses are involved in case management and carry out residents’ health assessment upon arrival and periodically during their stay. The nurses are also trained to administer HIV/AIDS tests at the clinic using the appropriate equipment. Once every two weeks the nurses provide health training on reproductive health, TB and HIV, Epidemic disease and their prevention, pregnancy care, breast feeding and winning food to residents of the safe house. The training is provided in two age groups; below and above 18.