AWSAD’s Programs

Psychological counselling is one of the key services provided to survivors. As a result of the incidents of violence they experienced, survivors are almost always psychologically suffering when they arrive at AWSAD and exhibit varying degrees and forms of trauma.
Medical Service
AWSAD safe houses have well-equipped, licensed clinics with certified nurses and midwives working 24 hours a day. When residents have to seek external medical services, the health officer is able to issue referrals and nurses accompany the patients to hospital and follow-up on their treatment.
Basic Literacy
Girls and women are encouraged to pursue formal education whenever possible. Where a survivor faces risks in leaving the shelter to attend a regular school, she is instead enrolled in the literacy class at the safe house.
Legal Follow-up
The police are often the ones to refer clients to AWSAD; hence many of the survivors that come to AWSAD have new legal cases against their perpetrators. Legal follow-up officers provide extensive support to survivors’ successful access to justice services.

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