The Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD) is a non-profit organization established to advance women’s social and economic development. It provides holistic rehabilitation and reintegration services for women and girl survivors of violence providing them with a transitional, women’s-only shelter, psychological counselling, legal aid and other services to help clients recuperate from their trauma and be reintegrated into society.

Currently AWSAD runs 6 safe houses across different regions of Ethiopia and it has 115 technical and supporting staff members and has supported over 5,000 women and girls. AWSAD also runs capacity- building programs for stakeholders including police, prosecutors, community members, media professionals and school children toward the prevention of violence against women and girls.

As a pioneer organization with a wealth of experience in addressing and responding to violence against women and girls, AWSAD possesses expert knowledge on the topic and makes inputs to government,women’s organizations and others in key processes in the sector. The women and girls who are referred to AWSAD have suffered emotional abuse, physical violence psychological violence and economic violence often caused by family members, neighbors or employers.

The Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD) envisions the creation of a safe environment for all.
Our Mission
To create a supportive environment for women and girls by providing psycho-social support and creating economic independence.
Our Overall Goal
Our overall goal is to contribute to women and girls social and economic advancement and development in Ethiopia

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