Minister of Women Children and Youth Affairs visit to the Quarantine shelter

Her Excellency Filsan Abdullahi Minister of Women Children and Youth Affairs, together with State Minister Deatas of WCYA, her Excellency Simegn Wube and her Excellency Hiwot Hailu came to visit the emergency safe house today April 16,2020. The High ranking officials made this visit to wish a happy Ethiopian Easter to women and girls who are victims of GBV and to AWSAD staffs who are at the frontline to save lives during the pandemic of COVID-19. Her Excellency Filsan Abdullahi and the two state ministers of WCYA appreciated the shelter for its readiness and quick response to support victims of GBV.

Her Excellency Filsan Abdullahi

Her Excellency Simegn Wube
Her Excellency Hiwot Hailu

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