As COVID-19 was announce as a potential risk in the world and Ethiopia, Shelters were closed to keep the existing survivors safe as possible. But this was a challenge since GBV is not something that will stop because of the pandemic. Considering the support needed for women and girls during the pandemic, AWSAD being the lead organization, together with members of Ethiopia Network of Women Shelters (ENWS) and with the financial support of UNWOMEN opened a quarantine shelter in April 2020 to serve women and girls victims of violence during the pandemic period.

Health Checkup Routine

Women and girls and their children who were referred from the police, women affairs and other stakeholders have been receiving basic safe house services with extra precaution and handling to minimize the risk of viral spread within the compound.

AWSAD also developed a prevention and mitigation strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure residents of the safe house and staff safety. Safe house residents and staff are frequently updated and reminded prevention mechanisms through visual materials and safe distanced briefings.

Her Excellency Filsan Abdullahi, Minister of Women Children and Youth Affairs

Different High ranking Government officials including Her Excellency President Sahilework Zewdie, Her Excellency Filsan Abdullahi Minister of Women Children and Youth Affairs, State Minister Deatas of WCYA, her Excellency Simegn Wube and her Excellency Hiwot Hailu have came to visit the quarantine safe house since its its establishment within the last three months.

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