Celebrating Buhe with FDRE President

Buhe holiday 2019, was celebrated in a special way at the National Palace with the FDRE President, HE Sahle Work Zewde. For the staff and the safe house residents, it was the first time to visit the National Palace. “We only knew this place on TV and are we really sitting on the same chair as the high delegated visitors of the President from around the world?!” said the residents. The residents and staff sang traditional Buhe songs wearing beautiful cultural dresses.

As we all remember, President Sahle-Work Zewde visited our safe house in Addis Ababa and she met with the survivors who have faced gender-based violence that reside in the safe house. During her visit, she promised them that next time they will be the one who will visit her at the National Palace. As promised, the residents had a wonderful time and the love and kisses they got from the President was a once in a lifetime experience.

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