Yellow Movement’s Surprise

The Yellow Movement AAU, which is one of the leading student based movements fighting against gender-based violence and discrimination, was the force behind designing this valentines based initiative to remember, assist and support female students in higher education institutions. This initiative referred to as Be My Yellow Valentine 2019, is a fundraiser designed with the objective to acquire funds to support female students in Addis Ababa University who need financial assistance to cover their basic needs and expenses. The event is comprised of selling flowers, candies, postcards along with delivery services to raise funds to assist these students.
Flower deliveries are also made as part of honoring those institutions and individuals working alongside this movement and its cause. This morning, a surprise flower delivery was made from the Yellow Movement in appreciation to the work and support that our Executive Directress Maria Munir and AWSAD team have been providing since its inception. We will like to take this opportunity to thank the Yellow Movement team for the #gift and their unlimited support to AWSAD safe house residents!

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