FDRE President HE Sahle-Work Zewde Visits AWSAD

We had a great time hosting our president Her Excellency Sahle-Work Zewde, Women and Children Affairs Minister Mrs. Yealem Tsegaye and speaker of the regional Parliament of SNNPR, HE Hiwot Hailu. 
They met with the survivors and visited the Addis Ababa safe house clinic, counseling offices, daycare, basic literacy classrooms. 
The president thanked and appreciated the Association for its honorable deeds. “There is no excuse and justification for women and girls to face violence.” “A woman can do anything and reach anywhere she likes.” said the president.

It was a great day for AWSAD staff. We had songs, dance and a wonderful poem by the survivors at the Safe House. We look forward to working with these powerful and inspiring women to help build a better tomorrow for women and girls.

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